• Covid-19 Update

    In view of the current pandemic situation, the center will remain closed until the child care agency and the state determine that safe for every one of return.
    Our Opening (Probably Stating with Fall Session) will be modified to strictly
    adhere to the new realities of operations.
    we are in the process of developing our plan with specific attention to:

    • More frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Step four sensitization at endurance every day.
    • Use of mask- ALL.
    • Social distancing – all group activities will be raised to individual activities.
    • Seating will be with individual class & chair and 8 to 10 fit apart.
    • Sign faculty curtailing the size of the class.
    • Students to 50% of our current capacity.

    We will communicate make specific plans and details as we get related information and develop safe operation.

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